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Research Report
Is Product-Led Growth Applicable to Your Business?
A Look at the Myths and Realities
Laura Fay
Laura Fay
Former TSIA Researcher, XaaS Product Management
June 28, 2021

Many born-in-the-cloud companies have been on a journey since their inception to drive top-line growth and scale as quickly as possible. They have deployed a variety of strategies to attract new customers and become sticky with existing customers. Arguably one of the most touted approaches to this is product-led growth strategy, often referred to as PLG.But what role does PLG play for larger more established businesses who are pivoting their business to XaaS? Specifically, those with very large customers are on a quest to reduce their XaaS customer acquisition cost and don’t have the luxury of starting the business and the technology from a bank sheet of paper. What advantages might more established businesses have in developing PLG strategies and tactics?This paper addresses: What is product-led growth (PLG)?Industry trends.PLG myths and the realities.PLG's tailwinds and headwinds.
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