Customer Success
Research Report
2023 Monetizing Customer Success
Research Report
Stephen Fulkerson
Stephen Fulkerson
VP, Customer Success Research
November 30, 2023

The 2023 Monetizing Customer Success survey explored the current state of monetized customer success offers, including everything from how many companies are offering them, how they are priced, and what’s included in the offers. The goal of the study was to sift through the noise and figure out how companies can leverage monetized customer success offers without succumbing to common pitfalls. This survey ran for a one-month data collection period, with a target population of customer success and offering management executives. Key findings include correlations between offer features included in both monetized and non-monetized offers and how they relate to key performance indicators (KPIs). Equipped with this information, customer success and offer management executives will be enabled to design offers that lead to improved attach rates, expansion rates, and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).
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