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Making the Move to Outcome-Based Selling
Shifting from Selling Features and Functions to Business Outcomes
Martin Dove
Martin Dove
April 19, 2021

Currently, 96% of technology companies have a distinct customer success function in place. However only 27.2% measure the business outcomes and value that their solutions deliver to their customers. As an industry, we’ve spent millions building out these incredibly important customer success capabilities, and then we don’t make the effort the understand the benefits that our customers experience. Given that, as an industry, the single largest investment over the last decade has been on the creation and development of customer success functions. Don’t you find this peculiar? The question is, how can you truly focus on your customer’s success if you don’t understand how your offers contribute to the achievement of what matters most to the people who buy them. Why is this so important? It’s really simple. When you sell subscription- and consumption-based offers, your entire economic success depends on the customer getting the value they expect from their investment. The difference in the B2B world is that each industry you sell to has different priority outcomes, and each company is at a different stage in their evolution and will have nuances about what matters most to them. And then, each individual buyer (or member of a buying committee) will have a different set of motives and priorities.
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