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Industry Story
Omni-Channel Customer Support Troubleshooting Solutions Using Generative AI
Insights from TSIA’s 2023 World Envision Conference
Erin Horowitz
Erin Horowitz
Director, Industry Insights
December 1, 2023

This research paper explores the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in addressing pain points within customer support, as presented by Erin Kurusz and Gautam Kaura at TSIA's 2023 World Envision conference. Focusing on the challenges arising when customers seek assistance beyond self-service options, the paper identifies issues such as unnecessary friction between customers and support agents, platform-swiveling inefficiencies, and variability in agent knowledge. Kurusz and Kaura advocate for the integration of AI capabilities to streamline the support process, enhance agent efficiency, and ultimately reduce friction in the customer experience, offering a powerful use case for AI in customer support.
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