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AI and Integrated Risk Management Provide Sustainable Growth Opportunities
Insights from TSIA’s 2023 World Envision Conference
Erin Horowitz
Erin Horowitz
Director, Industry Insights
December 9, 2023

In a session at TSIA's 2023 World Envision Conference, Dominique Gribot-Carroz, the global head of customer experience at Moody's Analytics, highlighted the lack of preparedness among technology companies in dealing with recent advancements in AI technology. A poll conducted during her session revealed that over half of the attendees had no governance process in place for generative AI, while only a small minority were ready for rapid advancement in this field. This paper explores the challenges faced by Moody's Analytics in addressing the rapid advancements in generative AI technology, and how they were able to leverage these advancements to produce a new, "Empathy at Scale" framework to improve customer interactions.
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