Customer Success
66. Redefining Customer Success with Salesforce and TSIA
Thomas Lah
Thomas Lah
Executive Director and Executive VP
December 8, 2023
43 min

Historically, Customer Success organizations have relied on inconsistent metrics, lacking a unified framework for assessing renewals and expansions. Simultaneously, the common practice of using NPS is dwindling, with fewer companies finding it effective in gauging customer value. With this, the critical question arises: What should CS orgs prioritize to define improvement and success for both themselves and their customers? In this episode, we not only talk about the “what” but also dive even deeper and explore the 'how,' with telemetry being the key that unlocks both parts of the Customer Success equation. Revolutionize your approach within your Customer Success organization by listening to this thought-provoking conversation from leaders Jim Roth, VP, Customer Support at Salesforce, TSIA's Stephen Fulkerson, VP, Customer Success Research, and TECHtonic host, Thomas Lah, Executive Director and EVP.
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