61. The Evolution of Customer Success and Renewals at HP Inc.
Thomas Lah
Thomas Lah
Executive Director and Executive VP
September 29, 2023
38 min

Tech companies everywhere are being challenged to grow recurring service revenues and scale customer success to nurture these recurring revenues. Today, TECHtonic host, Thomas Lah, is joined by Grad Rosenbaum, VP of Global Customer Success at HP Inc., to discuss these challenges, which are central to our current Research Journey, Protecting and Growing Your Customer Base. In this episode, Lah and Rosenbaum discuss the development of customer success at HP, the roles of sales and customer success in the expansion and renewal motions, and cost-effectively scaling customer success. Ready to learn more? Keep up to date on this subject by subscribing to TSIA's Research Journey, Protecting and Growing Your Customer Base today!
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