Managed Services
55. Insight from Dell: What Managed Services Means Today
Thomas Lah
Thomas Lah
Executive Director and Executive VP
July 7, 2023
36 min

Managed services is one of the fastest-growing revenue streams in the technology industry, and can be a bridge to recurring revenues. Joined by Peter Lacoste, SVP of Managed Services at Dell, we shine a light on what it means to provide managed services in today's technology industry, and address the following questions: - What is managed services and how is it different from traditional outsourcing? - What are the best pricing approaches for managed services offers? - How can managed services accelerate digital transformation? - How have managed services sales evolved? - What internal relationship is most critical for managed services success? Ready to learn more? Keep up to date on this subject by subscribing to TSIA's Research Journey, The Evolution of Pricing Models for Managed Services today!
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