72. AI Sizzle vs AI Substance
Thomas Lah
Thomas Lah
Executive Director and Executive VP
March 15, 2024
40 min

In this episode of TECHtonic, Thomas Lah chats with Justin Cawood about the complex journey of integrating AI into the operations of a large technology services provider. Together, they explore the evolution of Managed Services platforms, the initial business case for AI, and the transformative impact of AI on service delivery and customer value propositions. Additionally, Justin shares the challenges and triumphs of deploying AI from the customer perspective and helping customers realize the value of their enhanced experiences—even while preemptively addressing service issues. With a lively discussion on the ever-changing nature of AI-driven operations and the critical role of a team approach in evaluating and implementing AI solutions, this episode isn’t just about technology; it's about the future of service delivery, and the strategic advantage that AI can provide to companies seeking to stay competitive in the marketplace.
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