56. Profitability: Thoughts from a SaaS CEO
Thomas Lah
Thomas Lah
Executive Director and Executive VP
July 21, 2023
33 min

Founding a successful SaaS company has never been easy, but as of 2022, it got much harder. Valuations took a hit, investment dollars became scarce, and for the first time ever, SaaS companies actually started laying off employees. In this episode of TECHtonic, Thomas is joined by Phil Alves, SaaS entrepreneur, CEO of DevSquad, and host of SaaS Origin Stories, a podcast where he interviews SaaS founders. In this fantastic conversation on the current state of SaaS, they discuss: - How the current economic environment is impacting SaaS companies - The best approach to starting a SaaS company - How AI plays into SaaS valuations - Whether AI will soon start to replace technical staff
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