Field Services
Research Report
The State of Field Services: 2024
Scaling the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Landscape
Vele Galovski
Vele Galovski
Distinguished VP Research and Advisory, Support & Field Services
February 12, 2024

This report discusses key marketplace trends and critical capabilities in the technology industry. Field service leaders will be able to use this to gain insights into how to successfully navigate business model transformation by identifying industry trends that will dispute the long-term viability of the existing business model. The paper will cover: - 2023 in Review - Top Field Business Challenges - AI for Predictive and Proactive Support Research - Top 10 Recommendations for 2024 After reading this research, we encourage readers to distribute this paper among their executive teams. Debate the trends. Challenge the status quo. Find a new way to assess scenarios. Then, clearly decide which capabilities their company will improve this year.
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