Support Services
Research Report
The State of Support Services: 2024
Scaling the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Landscape
Vele Galovski
Vele Galovski
Distinguished VP Research and Advisory, Support & Field Services
February 12, 2024

The "State of Support Services: 2024" report discusses key marketplace trends and critical capabilities in the technology industry. Support service leaders will be able to use this to gain insights into how to successfully navigate a business model transformation by identifying industry trends that will dispute the long-term viability of the existing business model. The paper will cover: - 2023 in Review - Top Support Business Challenges - AI for Predictive and Proactive Support Research - Top 10 Support Services Recommendations for 2024 After reading this research, we encourage readers to distribute this paper among their executive teams. Debate the trends. Challenge the status quo. Find a new way to assess scenarios. Then, clearly decide which capabilities their company will improve this year.
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