Customer Success
Research Report
The State of Customer Success 2024
Transitioning from Good to Great in Innovation and Boldness
Stephen Fulkerson
Stephen Fulkerson
VP, Customer Success Research
February 12, 2024

Out of all post-sales departments, customer success has the most to prove, the most to improve, and is already proving that it is capable of driving greater efficiencies for scale. Effective management of customers across all segments will be critical in 2024. Gone are the days of only focusing on high-touch and medium-touch customers. Engaging the “long tail” segments of low-touch and digital touch is paramount. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new customer success shiny object for 2024. Embracing this trend is essential, and failure to do so may result in falling behind your peers and competitors. Finding new revenue streams and new ways to leverage your customer success managers to drive greater value are key focal areas. Everyone in customer success should be focused on this, from the leadership to individual contributors. To remain professionally relevant and peer-competitive in a volatile market is to be actively aware and constantly sharpen your skills and experiences. To help inform you, we are leveraging TSIA’s customer success benchmark data, two research journeys, many research polls, and a bounty of inquiries. With this data in hand, we will help you navigate the known and unknown so you can drive through the economic turbulence of this evolving landscape with great success.
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