Customer Growth & Renewal
Research Report
The State of Customer Growth and Renewal: 2024
The Rise of Renewal-Led Growth
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
VP, Customer Growth and Renewal Research
February 12, 2024

2024 promises to be a year full of business challenges for the technology industry. Obscured visibility into market conditions and global geopolitical unrest infuses caution into business plans, putting a greater focus on making the right choices. The rubber is meeting the road as profit demands meet revenue growth demands. Effectively navigating profitable growth in tighter economic conditions will stress many companies’ business systems and cause scrutiny of virtually every cost structure relative to the return on revenue acquisition. Digital-led revenue growth meets sales-led revenue growth, with AI and advanced business intelligence offering incredible opportunities and deep uncertainty. In this paper, TSIA will discuss these dynamics and how companies will successfully respond to navigate these associated business challenges effectively: - Profitably Growing Revenue in Uncertain Economic Conditions. - Adapting to Rapid Technology Evolution. - Orchestration of Customer Growth Team Resources.
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