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The Emergence of Outcome-Based Pricing in Managed Services
Insights from TSIA’s 2023 Evolution of Pricing in Managed Services Survey
Erin Horowitz
Erin Horowitz
Director, Industry Insights
September 6, 2023

As the demand for outcome-driven solutions intensifies in the realm of managed services, a paradigm shift in pricing models is underway to better align with customer expectations. The 2023 Evolution of Pricing in Managed Services survey revealed that, while outcome-based pricing currently holds the lowest adoption rate, a significant portion of respondents expressed a strong inclination to embrace this model in the near future. This article delves into the landscape of managed services, focusing on the rising interest in outcome-based pricing. By examining insights from those currently implementing this model, the article aims to unravel the strategies and approaches adopted by pioneers in the field. As customers increasingly define value through tangible outcomes, understanding the practices of early adopters becomes paramount for organizations aiming to stay ahead of the curve in delivering customer-centric and value-driven managed services.
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