CRO Council
Who Owns Renewal (and Expansion)?
Steve Frost
Steve Frost
Former TSIA VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory
May 31, 2023
45 min

As companies strive for profitable XaaS, they often run into pressure to grow revenue without the benefit of more resources. In order to do this, their focus often shifts to their existing customer base. In rough economic conditions, it's more important than ever to maintain revenue that's already on the books while actively farming lower-cost growth opportunities with existing customers. This situation prompts companies to ask some tough questions, such as: - Who should own renewal: Sales? Customer Success? Specialists? Partners? - How can companies cost-effectively grow their current customers? - How do all of the pieces fit together? Join Steve Frost and Jared Raftery to learn more about the pressures that companies are facing regarding profitable XaaS, the steps you can take in the short, medium and long term to grow recurring revenue in the most cost-efficient way.
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