Managed Services
The Evolution of Pricing Models for Managed Services
A Research Journey
Jeremy Blanton
Jeremy Blanton
Former TSIA Researcher, Managed Services
August 30, 2023
45 min

The world of Managed Services consists of operations ranging from end-user IT support and industrial equipment to healthcare and cloud managed service operations. Even within the same markets, it is surprisingly common for different providers to offer drastically different scopes of support, leading to “apples and oranges” pricing comparisons that are often confusing to customers, as well as the providers themselves. However, at the end of the day, every Managed Services provider is faced with the same challenge: how do they most effectively design, establish, and administer the prices of their services offerings to their customers. Join TSIA’s Jeremy Blanton, VP of Managed Services, for an interactive 45-minute webinar diving into TSIA’s The Evolution of Pricing Models for Managed Services Research Journey. Aiming to understand the most common—and most successful—approaches to Managed Services pricing models, mechanisms and practices being used today, this Research Journey will help you answer the question: How do I decide what the price of my MS offer should be? Key topics covered include: -Pricing Model: The model a company uses to set the price of service offers. -Pricing Mechanisms: The way the company charges the customer for service offerings. -Pricing Practices: The processes a company executes in order to design and administer pricing.
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