Customer Growth & Renewal
Optimize Renewal Performance with the Channel
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
VP, Customer Growth and Renewal Research
August 9, 2023
45 min

Renewals are often the largest source of revenue for SaaS companies, and there is clear evidence that the channel can positively impact financial performance. However, many companies struggle to deploy business practices that promote achievement of high renewal rate performance with their channel partners. Join TSIA’s Jared Raftery, Director, Revenue Research and Advisory, and Jack Johnson, VP, Customer Growth and Renewal Research, for an interactive Research Journey webinar where they’ll explore best practices organizations like yours must deploy to drive renewal and expansion performance with channel partners. They will address several key points that will arise on your journey: - Key processes and policies that promote efficient renewal processing with channel partners. - Engagement models for optimizing growth and accountability through channel partners. - Critical metrics and KPIs that monitor partner performance.
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