Accelerating the Use of AI for Predictive and Proactive Support
Vele Galovski
Vele Galovski
Distinguished VP Research and Advisory, Support & Field Services
March 20, 2024
45 min

In October 2023, TSIA launched our latest Research Journey—AI for Predictive and Proactive Support—with an aim to establish best practices, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for future innovation in Field Services and Support Services. It should come as no surprise that the increased pressure for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and superior customer experiences has made this topic of paramount importance to all service organizations. Wednesday, March 20, join Vele Galovski, TSIA’s Distinguished VP of Support and Field Services Research, as he discusses the current landscape of AI’s capabilities, and provides frameworks to accelerate the use of AI in Support and Field Services. Key topics for this 45-minute webinar include: - The critical role of data in predictive and proactive support - Organizational enablers and roadblocks to implementing AI in services - The competition between product features and predictive and proactive support - The difference between AI “Base Campers” and “Mountaineers”
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