Customer Success
Sales and Customer Success: Aligning for Growth
Marc Troyan
Marc Troyan
Sr. Director, Customer Success Research
March 6, 2024
45 min

Too often, Sales and Customer Success teams find themselves operating in silos with limited cooperation. However, both parties have responsibility for growing the customer. without clearly defined and coordinated goals, roles, and compensation plans, the go to market motion will be inefficient. At worst, it can be completely broken, with Sales and Customer Success practitioners stepping on one another's toes, frustrating customers and leaving revenue on the table. In this interactive 45-minute webinar, TSIA’s Marc Troyan will give you tangible insights on how to help your sales and customer success teams to work together for customer growth. They will address key questions such as: - Who owns the customer? - Can (and should) my CS team generate sales leads? - What sort of upsells can CSMs close? - How do we align our KPIs and compensation so our teams work together? In addition, attendees will have a chance to participate in TSIA’s latest focused research, concerning the Sales and Customer Success Alliance. Don’t miss this critical discussion on one of the most important challenges facing technology companies today!
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