Who Owns the Customer?
Steve Frost
Steve Frost
Former TSIA VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory
November 1, 2023
45 min

Who owns the customer? It’s one of the biggest questions that technology companies are wrestling with and one that CROs, CCOs, and other top executives are trying to answer every day. For decades, Sales has claimed ownership of the customer. Today, Customer Success is handling the day-to-day management of most accounts and watches over the majority of the customer lifecycle. And what about partners? How do they factor into this, and how can channel conflict be avoided? TSIA’s answer is: The process owns the customer, and everyone has a role to play. Join TSIA’s Steve Frost, Vice President and Managing Director of Revenue Research and Advisory, and Jared Raftery, Director of Revenue Research and Advisory, for a highly interactive 45-minute webinar where they’ll be addressing such critical questions as: - How do you get Sales and Customer Success to work together? - What’s the best way to bust through organizational silos? - How can companies leverage data and AI to help us drive customer growth? We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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