Education Services
Adoption of AI in Education Services
Maria Manning-Chapman
Maria Manning-Chapman
Distinguished VP, Education Services Research
September 26, 2023
45 min

Recently, TSIA’s Education Services Technology Stack Survey provided a holistic view into technologies used to drive all business functions within an education services organization. With the use of generative AI on the rise, TSIA launched a follow-up Quick Poll, focusing on the current and planned use of AI-based solutions within education services businesses. Please join TSIA’s Maria Manning-Chapman, Distinguished VP of Education Services Research, and Lawrence Kaye, Director of Education Services Research, to discuss the poll’s preliminary findings, including: - How AI-based technologies are being applied to training development, delivery and analytics. - The maturity of these AI-based solutions within education services organizations. - Early indications of the impact that AI-based solutions have on the profitability of education services organizations. This session is certain to be vitally informative for customer education organizations looking to add the power of AI-based solutions to their processes while maximizing their return on investment. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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