Customer Growth & Renewal
Perfecting Renewals: Dedicated to Win
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
VP, Customer Growth and Renewal Research
November 15, 2023
45 min

It's time to have a frank conversation about your renewal capabilities. Part-time, half-time, split charter models don't cut it, and those companies hoping to stretch resources across multiple priorities to achieve perfection are lagging in expansion, contract renewal rates, and net revenue retention metrics. Join Jack Johnson, Vice President of TSIA's Customer Growth and Renewal Research, to discuss the latest insights on organizational choices and best practices that promote optimal results for your business. In this highly interactive session, Jack will highlight findings from TSIA’s 2023 Research Journey, Protecting and Growing Your Customer Base, including such key points as: - Who should own renewals - How field resources are being deployed - Key practices to keep in mind when growing revenue We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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