Education Services
Using AI in Education Services: A Guide for Getting Started
Maria Manning-Chapman
Maria Manning-Chapman
Distinguished VP, Education Services Research
March 13, 2024
45 min

One of the challenges with using any new technology is simply getting started, and AI is no exception. In fact, getting started with AI is probably all the more daunting because of its many unknowns. But for Education Services organizations looking to get ahead early and stay ahead, AI nevertheless holds immeasurable promise. Join TSIA’s Maria Manning-Chapman for our latest webinar, a lively discussion and Q&A with Cisco’s Jim Box, Learning & Development Lead, and Emily Prins, Learning and Development Consultant, where they’ll be answering essential questions such as: - What is the best approach to get started with AI in Education Services? - How can Education Services organizations secure funding for AI, when it is likely that budgets do not contain a line item for AI usage may not be accounted for in budgets? - How can successful pilot projects be integrated into existing workflows? - How has AI impacted existing roles in education organizations? - What are the critical metrics that companies should be tracking to gauge the success of their AI implementation? We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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