The Black Box of Implementing AI
Thomas Lah
Thomas Lah
Executive Director and Executive VP
March 5, 2024
45 min

AI is already creating shifts in the employee base of technology companies. How long before AI capabilities replace 25% of the workforce in tech? AI will reduce the amount of labor required to develop, sell, and service technology solutions. Right now, there are three challenges facing technology leaders as they work to operationalize AI capabilities: First, how long will it take for AI to dramatically change our workflows? Second, what are the best AI use cases to work on first? Third, what are the friction points we will encounter when deploying new AI capabilities? Join TSIA researchers Thomas Lah and George Humphrey for an interactive 45-minute webinar where they’ll be addressing some of the most pressing questions the industry is facing today, including: - How fast is AI disrupting technology business models? - How are companies navigating the deployment of AI capabilities?
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