Field Services
From Traditional to XaaS Hardware: Navigating Your Digital Transformation
Kevin Bowers
Kevin Bowers
Former Director, Field Services Research
June 7, 2022
45 min

Industrial equipment companies are early on in their digital transformation journey compared to their enterprise IT and software counterparts. Going from a traditional software company to a subscription software company was hard, but going from a traditional hardware company to an XaaS hardware company is the hardest transition of all. However, there is a lot that can be learned for industrial equipment companies on their transformation journey, as equipment-as-a-service offers include software, cloud, and analytics services. TSIA has the Remote Service Continuum, digital value chain, and total cost-to-serve frameworks to help you with the difficult transition to an XaaS hardware company. Join us for this 45-minute webinar as we discuss the waves of digital transformation for industrial equipment companies and the digital transformation capabilities needed for each wave. By attending this session, you’ll learn: - The different focus of each digital transformation wave. - What a “Digital Acceleration Action Plan” is and why it’s important. - Which types of digitally-enabled offers, subscriptions, and as-a-service offers are needed to be a digital winner. Figure whether your organization is riding the waves or stuck on the beach in your digital transformation journey – don’t miss this important discussion on wave 2 of digital transformation for industrial equipment companies.
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