Offering Management
Product Led Growth - Myths and Realities
Laura Fay
Laura Fay
Former TSIA Researcher, XaaS Product Management
June 30, 2021
45 min

Product-led growth takes a product experience approach to the go-to-market strategy by building the methods of acquisition, retention, and expansion directly into that product experience. There are many myths and truths about the product-led growth strategy. One such popular myth is that this strategy is mainly viable for early-stage startups with simple cloud products in massively horizontal markets. Nothing could be further from that truth. In this impactful webinar, Product Led Growth - Myths and Realities, Laura Fay, VP & Managing Director, Offers Research and Advisory, will review: - Myths and realities of product-led growth strategies. - The tailwinds that fuel your product-led growth plans. - The headwinds that put sand in the gears of your product-led growth aspirations. - How well-established businesses with complex technologies are driving forward with product-led growth.
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