Professional Services
Tech Debt Unmasked: The Culprit Behind Your Costliest Blind Spots and Bottlenecks
Sponsored by Kantata
Brent Trimble
Brent Trimble
VP, Value Engineering
May 16, 2024
45 min

In our rapidly evolving technology landscape, technical debt—the cumulative consequences of using outdated or overly customized technology, leading to higher costs, inefficiency, and reduced agility—has emerged as a silent saboteur within professional services organizations. Left unchecked, technical debt can undermine not just productivity, but the overall customer experience, as well as financial processes. According to recent TSIA research, 50% of PS organizations acknowledge that technical debt is having a significant impact on their business, driving detrimental outcomes such as poor employee experience, degraded customer satisfaction, elongated quote-to-cash cycles, and delays in billing accuracy. In this webinar, John Ragsdale, TSIA’s distinguished vice president of Technology Research, is joined by Kantata’s Brent Trimble, vice president of Value Engineering, and Melissa Korzun, vice president of CX Operations for a panel discussion about the hidden costs associated with technical debt. They’ll explore the common blind spots and bottlenecks that stand in the way of consistent success, including how disconnected and legacy systems block predictable value delivery across the professional services lifecycle. They’ll outline the path towards a holistic approach to the PS value chain that marries people, process, and technology. Join us to learn how you can: - Diagnose the impact technical debt is having on your organization. - Identify costly issues that are impacting effective planning and execution across the professional services value chain. - Develop strategies to mitigate the impact of siloed teams, process, technology, and information on business performance. - Articulate the cost associated with the status quo compellingly enough to build a business case for change. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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