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Shift-Left in the Wild: A Forward-Thinking Customer Support Strategy in 2024
Sponsored by Coveo
John Ragsdale
John Ragsdale
Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems
February 8, 2024
45 min

The Shift-Left strategy is set to continue its upward trajectory as one of the key trends for Customer Support in 2024. This proactive approach involves the early identification and resolution of potential issues, enhancing customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the reliance on time-consuming and costly assisted service interactions. Empowering customers with self-service tools serves as an initial step in this strategy, but the true transformation unfolds when issues are resolved within the product, preemptively addressing customer concerns. By collaborating with product and education teams, Customer Support organizations position themselves as the catalyst for driving the Shift-Left strategy. Join our upcoming webinar where you’ll discover: - Comprehensive insights into the benefits associated with implementing a Shift-Left strategy in Customer Support. - Why this approach will continue to shape the customer support landscape in 2024. - Practical methods for seamlessly integrating it into your support operations, with real examples in the wild. Don't miss this opportunity to navigate the evolving trends and strategies that will redefine the customer support paradigm in the coming year.
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