Education Services
Content Development Processes and Practices
Maria Manning-Chapman
Maria Manning-Chapman
Distinguished VP, Education Services Research
January 17, 2024
45 min

As companies move toward XaaS business models, Education Services content development functions are impacted in two fundamental ways. Firstly, because XaaS products are sold via subscription, product adoption is paramount. And since content consumption helps drive product adoption, content development organizations must be capable of producing fresh, new content regularly. Secondly, as product revisions are much more frequent for XaaS business models than for traditional models, content revisions are also much more frequent, resulting in a near-constant maintenance loop. To solve these two content development challenges, TSIA’s Education Services research area is conducting a new Research Journey, Content Development: From AI to Z, covering three pillars related to content development: processes & practices, technology, and people. This webinar covers processes and practices, discussing findings from the recent Content Development Processes quick poll, including: 1) Defining “content” and the development process 2) Criteria used to prioritize development efforts 3) Adapting content development processes to support XaaS business models Join Maria Manning-Chapman as she discusses how content development processes and practices can be refined to better meet the requirements imposed by a XaaS business model. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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