Managed Services
Professional and Managed Services Maturity Models - What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Grow
Jeff Connolly
Jeff Connolly
Former TSIA Researcher, Managed Services
January 20, 2021
45 min

Two of the fastest growing areas in all of technology services continue to be professional and managed services practices - from all sectors of the market. Whether you’re a software provider, hardware manufacturer, healthcare or industrial equipment provider, or a pure-play non-manufacturing organization (what we refer to as a TSP or Technology Services Provider), these services are leading the charge across the industry to develop capabilities that focus more and more on customer outcomes and their realization of the promised value of the underlying technologies. In this informative 45-minute webinar, Jeff Connolly, Sr. Director, Managed Services Research, and Dave Young, Sr. Director, Professional Services Research, will examine maturity models in both professional and managed services practices that can help guide your path to growth and answer questions like: - Now that you are developing these services, what can you expect, when you’re expecting to grow? - What are the key capabilities that companies develop in their infancy, adolescence, and full maturity in these practices? - What sort of financial and performance metrics have others realized in their journeys from inception, through growth and stability? As Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues”, and TSIA’s unparalleled ability to dive deep into benchmark data from over 350 Professional and Managed Services organizations provides us with clues you’ll want to learn to inform your maturity journey.
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