CRO Council
Sales and Customer Success Partnering to Protect and Grow Your Customer Base
Steve Frost
Steve Frost
Former TSIA VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory
August 2, 2023
45 min

CROs, CCOs and other top executives know how important it is to keep and grow your existing customers, especially when economic headwinds make finding new customers difficult. But how do you orchestrate the relationship between your sales team and your customer success organization to optimize for growth? What role should sales play, and how much of the revenue burden can be handled by Customer Success? Continue on TSIA’s Research Journey, Protecting and Growing Your Customer Base, as we explore important questions such as: - Who “owns” the customer? - What are other companies doing, and what are the current industry trends? - When can Customer Success handle a renewal, and when do we need a salesperson? - Should we have renewal specialists, and where should they report? - How can my company optimize our Sales and Customer Success relationship to optimize growth and renewal? This 45-minute session will give you some new insights and perspectives on how Sales and Customer Success can work together to drive growth in an efficient, cost effective way.
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