Support Services
The State of Support Services 2024
Vele Galovski
Vele Galovski
Distinguished VP Research and Advisory, Support & Field Services
January 10, 2024
45 min

In 2024, traditional business models continue to be disrupted, a new post-pandemic workplace has emerged, and technologies like Generative AI have presented challenges and opportunities for all tech companies. Support services will be at the forefront of these issues. Is your organization ready? Join Vele Galovski, TSIA’s Distinguished VP of Support and Field Services Research, as he shares his findings, based on TSIA’s benchmark data, highlighting this year’s support services trends and business challenges. He’ll also build upon our current Research Journey—AI for Predictive and Proactive Support—by providing insights from our most recent quick poll, “The Role of Data in Predictive and Proactive Support.” In addition, he’ll be launching the next phase of this Research Journey, focused on driving support efficiency and scalability with AI. Key topics for this 45-minute webinar include: - An overview of industry trends impacting support organizations - The top business challenges faced by Support Services organizations - Discussion of our current Research Journey, AI for Predictive and Proactive Support - Harnessing predictive and proactive AI - Insights on the role of descriptive, predictive, and proactive data analytics - Practical AI applications that drive support efficiency and scalability - The Support Services capabilities needed for 2024 and beyond If your company provides remote services to help customers maintain best access to your technology, this webinar is for you—we’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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