Offering Management
The State of Offering Management 2024
Hal Stanley
Hal Stanley
VP, Offering Management Research and Advisory
February 13, 2024
45 min

The art of crafting a compelling portfolio of technology products and services is fundamentally complex, but that doesn’t stop technology and services offering leaders from looking for new ways to simplify their offering portfolios and identify new standard offer types for more precisely targeted markets. However, a continuing lack of cross-functional, formal process alignment is negatively impacting offer performance. So how can offering leaders keep up? Join TSIA’s Hal Stanley, VP Offering Management Research for an interactive 45-minute webinar highlighting the critical challenges and emerging trends in Offering Management across the technology industry. We’ll talk about the continuing siloed approach to Offering Management, how it’s going with monetizing Customer Success, how leaders are focused on new business leader personas and value-based pricing models of the future, and how generative AI technology shows the potential to transform the Offering Management function. We’ll also be addressing some of the most pressing questions offering leaders are facing today, including: - Is your company evolving from product and service offer management to value management? - Is your company aligned around a single strategic directive: revenue growth? profitability? product adoption? - How will generative AI capabilities transform your Offering Management process and your customer experience? Hal will also build upon our current TSIA Research Journey—AI Powered Offering Management —by providing insights on the results of our most recent quick poll, “Transforming Offering Management with Generative AI.” In addition, he’ll be inviting webinar participants to join the latest phase of this Research Journey by participating in the “Getting the Offer Right with AI” survey.
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