Professional Services
The State of Professional Services 2024
Bo Di Muccio
Bo Di Muccio
Distinguished VP, Professional Services Research
January 31, 2024
48 min

Optimizing your professional services organization is becoming increasingly challenging. The need to keep the lights on (face and solve traditional professional services challenges) continues alongside the growing need to adapt to emerging industry transformation trends, such as organizational convergence and artificial intelligence (AI). This is the fundamental dilemma faced by professional services organizations today. It is not enough to focus solely on resolving persistent issues or prioritizing adaptation to emerging trends alone. You have to do both, all the time and very well. Join TSIA’s Bo Di Muccio, Ph.D., Distinguished VP, Professional Services Research and VP, TSIA Advisory Delivery, along with Dave Young, Sr. Director, Professional Services Research, for our annual “State of Professional Services” webinar. During this 45-minute session, they will be discussing: - What are the forces of inertia and forces of change impacting professional services today? - Specifically, what are the top challenges professional service leaders must confront? - What are the capabilities they will need to successfully face these challenges? - Where do professional service organizations generally stand in terms of organizational strategy and performance levels through all of this? What does good look like? We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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