Customer Growth & Renewal
The Renewal Specialist: An Essential Role for Profitable Revenue Growth
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson
VP, Customer Growth and Renewal Research
June 28, 2023
45 min

Renewals are the largest source of revenue for SaaS companies, yet many organizations struggle to achieve growth and profit because of inefficient sales models. Join Jack Johnson, TSIA’s VP of Customer Growth and Renewal as he discusses how companies are orchestrating the use of renewal specialists to reduce the high cost of sales and improve Net Retention Rate performance. There is clear evidence that Renewal Specialists can positively impact financial performance, yet the lines are blurry regarding when, where, and how these specialists should be involved. In this interactive session, Jack will explore key levers to pull when renewals and expansions are on the line and answer key questions such as: - Who should own renewals: Sales, CS, or a dedicated Renewals function? - What is the appropriate charter for a Renewal Specialist? - And more!
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